Nightfall on Middle Earth: Imladris


Nightfall on Middle Earth: Imladris



46in. x 31in. (49in. x 34in. framed)
Charcoal on American Masters Paper
"Also known as Rivendell, the last homely house east of the sea, the Elven town of along the great falls of the Bruinen River, nestled in the foothills of the Misty Mountains."

Framing and Shipping Details:

The work is mounted with a PH-neutral permanent adhesive to Gatorfoam board, and in turn mounted to a wooden frame. The decorative outer framing is a select pine that has been stained black and sealed in a satin polyurethane.

***THERE IS NO GLASS*** two generous coats of Lascaux fixative have been treated on the surface of the paper making it highly smudge-resistant and moderately water-resistant. However, the frame is designed to accommodate glass if you’d like to do it yourself.

Unless it's a local delivery, the added shipping cost will be based on the weight of the package, which will be charged after purchase (~ $150-300 CAD). Shipping fees will be negotiated over email with paypal/square options.

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