The goal of my art practice is to reinterpret a romanticized sentiment of spirituality in nature by visualizing darkness and cataclysm in landscapes on the brink of transformation. Exploring conceptual commonalities between the charcoal medium, fantasy, and ecology, I regard the deep, mysterious corners of the world as places of isolation, transformation, and ancient magic; Remote lands broken open by our own consequence. To that end, my works foreshadow an imminent global ecological crisis that requires imagination and action, curiosity and alchemy, and a necessary grieving process for the end of life as we know it. By wandering through these solemn and chthonic environments, I hope viewers might experience mortality, fear, wonder, and magic, and at last, celebrate the disarticulation of a world healing itself.


BFA Illustration, Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University, 2004. 
MFA Visual Studies, Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2016.

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, and teach illustration at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

CV available upon request.